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We ascribe to the philosophy that small is beautiful. All of us are actively involved in both our community and the outdoors. At Harvest Foodworks, we believe in the traditional values of honesty, integrity and hard work in the service of our customers.

Our mission is to produce great tasting, primarily vegetarian, products which will satisfy the quality and quantity expectations of the hungriest traveler. We have chosen our ingredients and packaging components with care and consideration for you, our customer, and the environment. As you enjoy a Harvest meal – whether it be around a campfire or a kitchen table, we ask that you slow down and savour the smell of the meal cooking. As well as remember that traditionally, meal times have been a time of visiting and sharing the gift of food with friends and family. We hope that you will enjoy our food and that it makes an important contribution to your mealtime experience.

Our Specials

For successful outdoor adventure trips

About Harvest Foodworks - Food Quality

Food Quality

We provide a world finest quality
of food ingredients

About Harvest Foodworks - Cooking


We make you easy to prepare
hygienic and tasty food

About Harvest Foodworks - À la carte

À la carte

We provide wide range of foods like dinners, desserts, soups, snacks, etc…


For successful outdoor adventure trips

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