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Harvest Foodworks makes freeze-dried and dehydrated meals specially formulated for outdoors enthusiasts. Whether you’re biking, camping, caving, climbing, hiking, paddling, trekking or just hanging out in the wilderness, make sure you bring us along!


“On polar expeditions, good nutrition and ample calories is the key to success. Harvest Foodworks creates a huge variety of great, high calorie foods. After a long day of dog sledding, kite skiing or skiing, there is nothing better than a hot bowl of Harvest Foodworks.”

Sarah McNair-Landry

Pittarak Expeditions

I have used Harvest Foodworks products in my archaeological field camps in the Arctic for many years. The range and variety of meals have been enjoyed by crews of up to twelve people, and for field seasons that can be up to six or seven weeks in length. After a long day of digging in the cold, a filling meal that can be prepared and served up quickly is greatly appreciated.  Over the years the favourites have been apple cinnamon pancakes, bannock, chilli, stroganoff, spaghettini, green peas, chocolate almond fudge cake and blueberry cobbler. Harvest Foodworks freeze dried meat is added to the dinners, and a Coleman oven is used to cook the bannock and desserts. Most of our camps have been fly-in, so using the freeze dried products helps to lower transportation costs.

Patricia D. Sutherland, PhD

Northlands Research
Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton and Memorial universities
Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen



“When we signed up to run a 7 day stage race in Madagascar, we knew the food we took with us would be extremely important. Being vegan athletes makes it quite difficult to find freeze dried or dehydrated meals suitable for such an expedition. Rigorous activity demands high calories and quality ingredients, but having to carry all your food for the week means you have to consider the weight of all your foods as well. After coming across the Harvest Foodworks products, we knew we had to try them out. After some test trials during training, we narrowed down our favorites and also determined which meals would cook almost perfectly simply by adding boiling water.

The flavors were rich and tasty, we felt full after each meal, and despite running over a marathon each day, we never experienced any GI issues. These highlights are rare and absolutely invaluable to an ultra athlete running a multi-day event! Harvest Foodworks has a wide variety of entrees, sides and desserts, which we will most definitely be packing for our future stage races or expeditions and we so highly recommend you to give them a try for yourselves.”

Mel Gosse & Jon Sinclair

Edmonton, Alberta

I have been using Harvest Foodworks products on my canoe trips in the Canadian Arctic since their company was founded in 1995 . I am a big fan of their dinners, in particular, and they are head and shoulders above anything else on the North American camping foods market. Harvest Foodworks dinners are dehydrated so they weigh a little more than the freeze-dried fare offered by other companies, but they are superior in every other way to those freeze-dried products, including price. And when Harvest says one of their dinners serves two people, it does. Typically, you have to double the suggested servings from those other companies. Harvest Foodworks dinners are vegetarian which allows me to add a variety of freeze-dried meats, or frozen and canned seafoods to these dishes. I receive many compliments from my clients on these dinners.

Alex Hall

Canoe Arctic Inc.

PO Box 130, Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0



“Wow! Finally, we have found a dehydrated food company that meets our requirements. We are excited about the quality of the food, the variety, the taste, as well as many other advantages that we discovered. The flexibility offered by the meals charmed us. Meals are all vegetarian based and it is possible to add meat according to our needs. This gives us a good dose of vegetable in addition to animal proteins (according to individual preferences and calorie needs).

Unlike other competitors which you only add hot water in an envelope, with Harvest Foodworks you cook your meals according to your tastes. It gives a more interesting texture to the meal, while remaining effective in the preparation. The wide variety of products offers a very interesting menu. The meals are very good and well-seasoned. There is everything: breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and accompaniments. You can make several combinations and add different ingredients. There is even some non-cooking products such as delicious coconut biscuits.

Another point to mention is the simplicity. Everything comes in an individual bag, sealed and graduated (allowing its use as a measuring cup). The instructions are well-detailed also.

We are really happy that Harvest Foodworks is a partner in our next adventure. The food is a significant factor in an expedition. The folks at Harvest have understood that and they offer very good customer service.”

Pierre Pepin & Jennifer Gosselin

Wild Raven Adventure

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